“Lines of the Earth”, 20’ x 15’ x 4’. SiteWorks Tacoma. Large installation in the Woolworth Window space containing dried vegetable plant roots.  Since having my two kids, I have become much more concerned with the quality of the food that we eat so, I have been growing much of my own food using heirloom varietals in hopes of avoiding any genetically modified plants and obtaining the highest quality of food possible. As these food-bearing plants mature and die, I remove them from the soil and dry them in order to preserve their root structures as much as possible.” The plants find a second life as elements in Lines of the Earth, they spring from lifeless white walls and reach toward a suspended cube of fertile earth, thus mirroring the human instinct to find a quality environment to thrive in. The image is a compelling one: As societal pressures, consumerism, industrialization and environmental degradation increase worldwide, so does the need to produce food – whether from pure organic or genetically modified sources.